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Adventure to the Living Desert

Posted by Wendy Lucas on September 7, 2010 at 1:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Adventure to The Living Desert

Hey Guys!

I took a trip with my family to The Living Desert in Palm Desert this past Labor Day Weekend and it was soooooo hot, at least 100 degrees, but felt hotter.  There were some awesome animals like Giraffes, wild dogs, zebras, and a bat eared fox!  We got some sweet pics so here they are.... enjoy!  And if you live in Southern California or ever visit, it's a pretty fun place to go =)  We got some good walking exercise, which was exactly what I needed since I was pretty sore from my workout with Eric Friday!

Petting the Baby Goat, below... they had a little petting area where you could pet the goats with little brushes, it was soooo cute!! and the goats had smooth long blonde hair that looked like mine under their chins!!! haha

Obliques popping out, below =)

Me and my friend Dina walking around The Living Desert! It was sooo hot in Palm Desert! At least 100 degrees! Luckily we jumped in the pool as soon as we got home and ate some lunch!

the "Mexican Milk Snake".... I caught him yawning!!!!  = )

Me and my daddy!


Thanks for reading!