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Call Today! Back Pain Relief - Foam Roller Stretches


Wendy demonstrates how to do 3 different stretches on the foam roller.


These are really useful stretches to do if you suffer from upper back/shoulder/chest/neck tightness/pain especially from sitting at a computer all day or from working out.


You will need a foam roller. You can purchase a foam roller from Target (this one is on sale for $37.00) :


You can also purchase at your local gym, sporting goods store, or on


Once you have your foam roller, Start by lying down on your spine on the foam roller.


1.) For the first stretch, start with the arms reaching straight up toward the ceiling, then slowly open up the arms toward the floor (keep palms facing inward like you are praying).


If you can reach the floor, then hold there, but you might be too tight to reach the floor, you should not feel any pain in your shoulders *if you feel pain in your shoulder you went to far*. Hold for about 15-30 seconds.


2.) Bring the arms up reaching toward the ceiling again and place the Palms together. Now slowly bring the arms over the head. you should feel a stretch in your upper back / front of shoulders/ chest but not pain. Hold 15-30 seconds.


3.) Bring the arms back to center reaching toward the ceiling again, this time bring the arms up overhead but in a "Y" position like in the YMCA song. Again, hold for 15-30 seconds.


In the video, I then went through a showed you all the variations again. I apologize the angle isn't ideal!


I hope this helps you.






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