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Why hire a Personal Trainer?

  1. Having a Trainer Will Help You Reach your Goals!  You will push yourself harder, and be much more productive than you would on your own! 

  2. Correct Form / Safety!  As your Personal Trainer, Wendy will teach you how to do exercises correctly, which will produce positive results, allowing you to get a great workout, while at the same time preventing injury.

  3. Accountability!  Wendy will hold you accountable for your actions. This includes what you eat and drink, and how you adhere to your exercise recommendations outside of your personal training sessions. 

  4. Motivation!   We all need a push now and then!!  Wendy will motivate you to be the best you can be!

  5. Progress!  Wendy can help you track your progress. Remember to always strive for Progress, not perfection.

  6. No Excuses!  Once you pay for personal training, you will be more likely to show up, which means you will have no excuse to not workout!  

Hiring Wendy as your Personal Trainer will give you that extra push that you need to finally get healthy and see results!

If you have tried working out on your own, but have seen little to no change in your body, please contact Wendy today!

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I look forward to helping you reach your health and fitness goals!

Wendy Lucas

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  • Wendy Competes in 2011!
    Wendy Competes in 2011!
  • Wendy gets first place!
    Wendy gets first place!
  • 3 month transformation!
    3 month transformation!
Wendy Competes in 2011!
Wendy Competes in 2011!

Before & After - Client Photos
Personal Training with Wendy in Irvine

This Client of Wendy's (pictured on the right), had a "before I turn 50 bucket list" to compete in a Bikini fitness competition. Her progress was amazing! She loves to drink wine, enjoy herself with family dinners and business dinners and had a slight gummy bear addiction.  After getting fit with Wendy, she now eats frozen grapes and makes gut-healing gummies (autoimmune gut healing gummies), made out of grass fed beef gelatin (rich in Collagen!) and fresh fruit juices. She has cut out alcohol for the most part other than special occasions and she feels amazing. She told Wendy that she never wants to go back to her old body / old lifestyle.

This Client of Wendy's (pictured on the left) lost over 60 pounds by eliminating processed foods, sugar, soda, alcohol, and instead eating fresh vegetables, salads, fruits, lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, drinking water instead of soda, and biking instead of being a couch potato! Congratulations! 

This Client of Wendy's (pictured to the right) is Nicole. She had a spectacular before and after transformation in only 10 weeks! She was clearly in amazing shape before she contacted Wendy for training, but she needed some help in training for her first NPC Bikini Competition. Wendy taught Nicole how to pose, how to train, and how to eat like a Bikini Competitor. She saw great results after focusing on plyometrics, increasing cardio, taking spinning classes, and doing more body-weight training and high repetitions.  Her diet focused on tilapia, chicken, egg whites, oatmeal (in am only), vitamineral greens powder, asparagus, spinach, brown rice cakes, peanut butter (in beginning of prep only), bananas (post workout), and sweet potatoes.  Nicole is a very talented athlete and a sweet, down to earth person. 

This was another very quick transformation! This client of Wendy's (pictured on the left)  is Jennifer. She made great progress in just 12 short weeks! She worked out a LOT. She did cardio on her own 2x per day (am and pm), trained weights, bands, plyos, body-weight, stability balls, and cardio intervals with Wendy 4x per week, and she also took Pilates reformer classes. BUT for Jen, nutrition is what gave her fast results (combined with the workouts).  She cut out dairy products, and focused on eating lots of vegetables and lean proteins. She limited carbohydrates as her body was very sensistive to them.  She had a great result and ended up taking 1st place as well as the Overall! 

This client of Wendy's truly transformed her MIND & BODY. She cut out junk foods for the first time in her life, and was able to drastically decrease her body fat, revealing a more slim, toned, feminine physique. You can see the drastic weight loss in her face, waist, and shoulders, as well as the increase in the space between the inner thighs. This client was happy to have met Wendy because Wendy taught her how to train more efficiently and effectively by using resistance bands, core training, and high intensity cardio, along with weight training and plyometrics. This was a 3 month transformation.