Yoga Can Help Neck Pain

Posted on March 22, 2012 at 8:10 PM

Neck Pain, whether acute or chronic, can be very debilitating, annoying, and painful.

I have experienced chronic neck pain myself, and I recently learned a very simple way to reduce my neck pain WITHOUT the use of; medicine, cold packs, heat packs, massage, chiropractic.

I learned how I can fix my neck pain with Yoga and most importantly ----->>>>>> Deep Breathing.

I was introduced to Diaphragmatic Breathing by David Rubenstein of the Rubenstein Center For Pain Free Living. David taught me that shallow chest breathing increases neck tightness and results in increased pain and discomfort. 

I was unaware that my breathing was shallow, and being that I'm a fitness competitor, athlete, dancer, and model, I'm accustomed to holding my abdominals in tight all the time and flexing my stomach. This can lead to chronic neck pain, which is then linked to a host of related disorders, including headache, jaw soreness, and pain radiating into the shoulders, upper back and arms.

It might seem really basic, I mean we all need to breathe..... but it can be complicated...

Sometimes when our breathing becomes short (chest breathing), we need to be re-trained on how to breathe from the diaphragm... (as we did when we were babies!)

In this article you will learn about proper deep breathing, from the diaphragm.

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Yoga Can Help Neck Pain