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Quotes Wendy is awesome! She is definitely one of the best trainers that i have worked with.Her knowledge is very extensive and motivates you to go further and further.She is very helpful in giving you tips related to health,nutrition and changing your lifestyle.She always keeps changing the workout so that your body doesnt get accustomed.And she is pretty hot :) Quotes
Customer in awe

Quotes I have been working out with Wendy for 2 years and couldn't be happier with my fitness level. Wendy always changes up our sessions so I'm never bored or using the same muscles each week. I've dropped at least one dress size since I began and know that my overall fitness and strength has improved dramatically. More importantly, I look forward to working out and miss it if I don't. Wendy's the BEST! Quotes
Quinci Castleberry
Happy (boot) Camper

Quotes When I first signed up for Wendy's boot camp 6 months ago, I had no idea what I was in for. I always got bored at the gym and had no motivation to go so I figured a boot camp experience might force me to work out. Who knew that I would actually love going to boot camp! Wendy's workouts are challenging but fun. She's always changing it up so your never bored and its the fastest hour workout I've ever had. I actually look forward to going to class! She's also super sweet and personable, someone you just like being around. Thank you Wendy for helping me get back in to shape. I couldn't have done it without your help! Quotes
Leslie T
I Highly recommend Fit with Wendy

Quotes I've been doing cardio kickboxing and yoga classes at the local gym for years but it's not until I started taking Wendy's class that I saw a real change in my body. I've always been thin but still flabby, but now I'm toned everywhere and my friends are asking me how to get into shape.. that's a shocker! What's great about Wendy's class is that no class is the same and a lot a lot of thought goes behind each workout - from the warm up in the beginning, to the different exercises she incorporates to each class, and to the great stretch at the end. Also, she's the nicest person and loves her job and getting people fit! Quotes
Jane J.
So surprised!

Quotes "I was lazy and couldn't motivate myself to work out. I needed somebody to kick my flabby butt! I found that person in Wendy. Now I feel strong. I am confident. I feel capable. Wendy knows exactly how to pinpoint specific areas of my body and keeps the workout innovative. She has also helped me to change my eating habits to maximize the results. No matter how I feel when I enter the gym, I always leave feeling great." Quotes
Carolina S.
Wendy knows MY body!

Quotes Wendy is a great trainer and really knows her stuff. I've known and have been working with her for a few years now. Her approach is very comprehensive. She stresses proper exercises and especially correct form. The workouts themselves are always very challenging and are never boring. But it's not always about "pumping iron"...she also is very concerned with what I am putting in my body. As a post gastric bypass person I have unique nutrition needs and she has helped me to create a workable meal plan. She is always available if I have questions. I've recently moved to Palm Springs so I don't get to see her as much as I would like but I make it a point to schedule time whenever I'm back in the OC and she has been able to see me when she occasionally visits my area. She has made this former fat kid who was always afraid of the gym actually look forward to working out. :) Quotes
Post Gastric Bypass Success Story

Quotes Wendy's personal enthusiasm for physical fitness along with her self-disciple and education makes her an all-inclusive trainer to be sought out. It is exciting to be around Wendy, her enthusiasm brings motivation and results. As a fitness trainer, I recommend her to anyone committed to getting in shape and improving ones own health. She has been a gift and blessing to me." Quotes
Kevin Ghazarians
Wendy is a blessing!

Quotes "I like going to Wendy because she makes me feel confident about my body. I have lost a lot of weight and I have toned up. She motivates me to work out even on days that I don't feel like it. Her prices are very reasonable. She is a very pleasant, sweet, and caring person. I enjoy being around her." Quotes
Ellie K.
Motivated Client

Quotes "I really enjoy working out with Wendy. It is never boring and she is always coming up with new ideas and really utilizes the workout area to it's fullest potential! It's actually fun working out...." Quotes
Christine Lewis
I used to hate exercise!